How do I reset my browser's Homepage?

To reset your homepage back to your desired choice, use the following instructions that correspond to your browser of choice.  We have also created a video tutorial for resetting your homepage found here:


1. Navigate to the webpage you would like to set as the home page.

2. Click the arrow to the right of the Home button Picture of the Home button, and then click Add or Change Home Page.

3. In the Add or Change Home Page dialog box, do one of the following:

To make the current webpage your only home page, click Use this webpage as your only home page.
To start a home page tab set or to add the current webpage to your set of home page tabs, click Add this webpage to your home page tabs.
To replace your existing home page or home page tab set with the webpages you currently have open, click Use the current tab set as your home page. This option will only be available if you have more than one tab open in Internet Explorer.

4. Click Apply to save your changes.


1. Navigate to the page you want set as your home page.

2. At the top of the Firefox window on the menu bar, click on the Tools, and select Options.

3. If it isn't already selected, click the Main icon. The Main options panel is displayed.

4. Click on Use Current Page.  (If you have a group of tabs open, the entire group of tabs will be set as your home page.
You can also use the Use Bookmark button to set one of your bookmarks as your home page.)

5. Click OK to close the Options window

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